Article 1


Sec. 1.1. The stated meetings of Wayne Lodge No. 25, F. & A. M. shall be held on the first Thursday of each month, opening at 7:30 o’clock p.m., except during the months of July and August when the Lodge shall be dark. While the Lodge is dark, the Secretary shall be authorized to draw warrants on the Treasury for necessary expenses, and the Treasurer shall be authorized to pay them out, subject to the normal approval.

        • When such date falls on a national or religious holiday the stated meeting for that month shall be on the second Thursday, opening at the same hour.

        • Should a state of emergency exist, such as extreme weather, or the Worshipful Master and both Wardens all being unavailable, or the hall being unavailable for any reason, which causes a stated meeting to be postponed the stated meeting shall be held on the second Thursday, opening at the same hour after relief from the cause of postponement.

Sec. 1.2. Called meetings for trials, conferral of degrees, receiving of petitions, or ceremonial observances may be held upon the call of the presiding officer, and at such times as the interests of the Lodge may require.