Article 4


Sec. 4.1. FINANCE. (Reg. 24.040). Upon the receipt of the financial reports at the first stated meeting in January, the Worshipful Master shall appoint three (3) members of the Lodge as a standing Committee on Finance, whose duty it shall be to audit the books and accounts of the Secretary and the Treasurer and of all other persons entrusted with the handling of Lodge funds, as well as all bills and claims against the Lodge, and no allowance shall be made until such examination, except by unanimous consent of the Lodge.

The audit report shall be presented at the first stated meeting in February, shall be entered upon the minutes of the Lodge and a certification that it has been properly made and so entered shall be reported to the Grand Secretary on the Grand Lodge Annual Reports.

Sec. 4.2. MASONIC HOME/FOUNDATION AMBASSADOR. (Reg. 39.040). Immediately after his installation, the Worshipful Master shall appoint an ambassador to the Masonic Home and the Masonic Home Foundation whose duty it shall be to cooperate with the Directors of the Indiana Masonic Home and the Executive Director of the Indiana Masonic Home Foundation in all affairs pertaining to the Home/Foundation, in which Wayne Lodge is or may become interested. He shall keep a regular account and make a written report of the same at the first stated meeting in January.

Sec. 4.3. CHARITY. (Reg. 38). The Worshipful Master and Wardens shall constitute a Committee on Charity and shall have authority to draw on the Relief Fund for any sum not exceeding $100, for the relief of any member, his widow, or orphans who may need assistance. They shall report their action in all such cases at the next stated meeting of Wayne Lodge and report the balance remaining in the Relief Fund. The Annual Report of the Charity Committee shall be made at the first stated meeting in January.

Sec. 4.4. FAMILY. (Reg. 38.010). The Worshipful Master shall appoint one or more Brothers to a Committee to be known as the Committee of the Family whose duty it shall be:

      1. To maintain a location file on each member’s widow and orphans.
      2. To maintain contact with each member’s widow and orphans and to inform the Lodge as occasion should require, but no less than once annually, concerning the well-being of a deceased Brother’s family.
      3. To encourage, whenever possible, a Brother’s widow and orphans being included in Lodge social activities.

For purposes of interpretation of this Regulation, a widow shall be defined as the un-remarried widow of a deceased Mason and an orphan shall be defined as a child, less than twenty-one years of age, of a deceased Mason.

Sec. 4.5. MASONIC EDUCATION. (Reg. 39.110). The Worshipful Master shall appoint five (5) members as a Committee on Masonic Education whose duty it shall be:

      1. To promote interest among members and candidates in the knowledge of Masonic history, literature, and symbolism by the regular presentation of appropriate programs.
      2. To keep the Lodge informed concerning the activities of Freemasonry in general, the Grand Lodge of Indiana, and its programs.
      3. To promote the establishment, maintenance and use of such a library of Masonic literature as the Worshipful Master and Wayne Lodge shall direct.