Article 9


Sec. 9.1. (Reg. 33.020)

(a) A Master Mason, free from charges and all indebtedness to Wayne Lodge may upon written or verbal communication by the Member or through a Member of the Lodge and by a majority vote of the Lodge, demit therefrom.

(b) Upon receipt of the application at a stated meeting, the Worshipful Master shall appoint a qualified Brother to investigate the reasons, circumstances, and desirability surrounding the application. The investigation can be in person, through written correspondence, or verbal. At the next following stated meeting, the Brother shall report to the Lodge the results of his investigation, at which time action on the application will be taken as provided in section (d) (e) and (f) below.

(c) Should a valid reason, circumstance, and desirability accompany the request, the Lodge may act on the demit immediately as provided in sections (d) (e) and (f) below.

(d) Wayne Lodge shall grant the demit if no charges are pending; Provided, however, that should the Lodge for any reason, by a majority vote, refuse to grant a demit, the Lodge shall thereupon prefer charges against the applicant and bring him to trial, and if the applicant shall not be found guilty, the demit shall thereupon be granted.

(e) Wayne Lodge may waive any dues indebtedness and provided all other criteria has been met, the demit shall thereupon be granted.

(f) An Entered Apprentice or a Fellow Craft may, under the same conditions, be granted a demit excepting that a unanimous favorable vote of the Lodge is required. When either is granted a demit, any fees paid for a degree not received shall be returned.

(g) Any demit granted under the provisions of this section shall become and be effective as of the date of the stated meeting at which it is granted.

(h) Notice of Intention to Transfer Membership, as provided in the Grand Lodge Regulations, shall be considered a request for a demit if elected in the other Lodge.